Looking for an Awesome Logo?

Design an Awesome Logos In just a Blink with our 520+ Pre-Made Logo Templates!

No Time and Budget to create a custom logo? This unique logo bundle is the answer! Bundle features 520+ professional logo designs from Vortex-Design which offers you a wide variety of options at one time incredibly low price. Also all logos are in vector (AI & ESP files) and also in Adobe Photoshop (PSD) so you can work with vector or hi-res bitmap versions.

Build UNLIMITED Logos!

With over 520+ pre-made logo templates, you can easily create an UNLIMITED types of logos and graphics on just about anything under the sun! There is no monthly or annual fee.

Tons of Free Fonts

Choose from our font library. Links to the sites where the fonts can be downloaded from for free are included.

520+ Pre-Made Beautiful Logo Templates

Our 520+ high quality logo templates are designed by our professional designers while considering every business in the mind.

Easy to Customize

Its not rocket science to edit our logos, Its very easy to edit in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop (texts, colors, fonts and layers). You can also use GIMP if you don't have Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Logo Template

Our logo templates are available in all known formats, making it easier for you to use them in any graphic software. It will be available in vector (Ai and EPS) and raster image format (PSD).

Full Control

You have the full control on the quality of your logos, you can save your project in 72 / 150 / 300 dpi and also in JPEG (Great for web use), GIF (Great for web use), PNG (ideal for transparent background images) and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic – offline printing etc) formats.

I think that's where the beauty is. I am not limited in making logos for my products, I use them to create Logos for my freelance project I am sure many others will find it useful!
Jessica Miller
This is a good deal package, I I manage to create high quality logos for my own clients.
Jack Sloan
Web Designer
Super friendly layers on my Photoshop, I don't need to trace all the layer and settings. This is really an awesome sets of logos, lots of possibilities.
Chris Jones
Graphic Designer

Ultimate Logo Bundle to Make Awesome, Quality Logos

Why put your $100 on one single design, when you can create your own unlimited high definition logos like these in a minutes yourself?​

  • Internet Marketers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Creative Designers working for business and SME clients
  • Small Business Owners
  • Product Creators
  • Webmasters / Bloggers / Social Media Managers
  • Freelancers working on Freelance marketplaces like UpWork.com, Freelancer.com, Fiverr.com, 99designs.com etc

Software needed to edit our Logos

All of our quality logo templates are available in known format, making it dead easy for you to use them in any graphic software. It will be available in vector (Ai and EPS) and raster image format (PSD) For Opening vector image (Ai and EPS) you will need Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw , if you don’t have them you can use INKSCAPE, it’s free you can download it here inkscape.org For opening rasterize image file (PSD) you will need Adobe Photoshop, if you don’t have it you can use GIMP, it’s also free, you can download it here gimp.org

Our Target is to provide you with the fastest and easiest way to brand your precious business. After all nothing beats doing your own branding without the glitch or the cost. Try our awesome templates today, and complete your business branding right away. Vortex-Design Logo's is for:

Starter Package

  • One time, No Monthly Charges
  • Logos included: 10
  • Access to Downloads

Standard Package

  • One time, No Monthly Charges
  • Logos included: 30
  • Access to Downloads

Pro Package

  • One time, No Monthly Charges
  • Logos included: 520+
  • Access to Downloads

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you decide you're not 100% satisfied within the first 30 days of buying Vortex-Design Logo Package, please email us and we’ll be happy to return your money in full, No questions asked.

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